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FREq - Remixed 2008

FREq Remixed
71:52 min
104,4 MB


01 Away 08:24
02 Short Life Again(Ace Ventura Remix) 09:09
03 Stone Shaker (Protoculture Remix) 08:23
04 Carbon Based Life-Form(Tristan Remix) 07:50
05 Strange Attractor(Liquid Soul Remix) 08:47
06 What A Feeling(Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) 07:50
07 Returm of The Master (Rpo Remix) 07:26
08 Brazil (Nyquist "prog.T Mix") 06:26
09 Dreambody (Atmos Remix) 07:37

On the CD you'll also find a new massive FREq
tune, "Away", which has been played around the
globe to great responses during 2007.

Top remixers include Tristan, RPO, Atmos, Jerome
de Ismae, Protoculture & Ace Ventura. Furthermore
there's a Nyquist remix, a side project Aran is
running together with his mate Ben Hartley, with
whom he is preparing a debut Nyquist album during

The FREq remix CD reminds many of us why FREq is
considered one of the absolute top producers in
the scene, while new listeners will discover some
of the best dance music available in today's

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