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Gui Boratto - III [2011]

Brazil’s premier techno producer Gui Boratto’s blew up dancefloors in 2007 with his Kompakt debut Chromophobia, and did it again with 2009′s Take My Breath Away. Fusing the warmth of synths, pop hooks, and soaring vocal parts to throbbing, pulsating house and techno beats, he created music that built a sense of communal ecstasy, even if you happened to be alone and stone sober.

Now he returns with the aptly titled III. Due out on September 12, 2011 from Kompakt Records, it’s yet another side of this former architect, advertising composer, and label A&R. More meditative and darker that his previous work, it leaves the bangers aside and explores a more personal direction, giving a freer rein to the gritty, chaotic edge that always lay beneath his tender melodies, tightening the tension with each chord progression.

01. Destination Education (04:38)
02. Flying Practice (04:45)
03. Galuchat (06:53)
04. Soledad (05:05)
05. Stems From Hell (08:12)
06. Striker (06:20)
07. Talking Truss (08:03)
08. The Drill (05:09)
09. The Third (05:02)
10. This Is Not The End (feat. Luciana Villanova) (05:37)
11. Trap (03:44)

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