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Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation (2008) Album

Sound The AlarmAs the air raid siren called out and solid, smooth, reggae infected beats and rhythms rolled out under the chanting voice of Sleepy Wonder, the grin on my face got wider and wider. The song is called "Sound the Alarm" and it leads Thievery Corporation's new album Radio Retaliation, announcing that not only is this going to be considered one of Thievery's classic albums, but that the infamous duo have an uncanny ability to deliver strong humanitarian and political messages with a finesse that, no matter what your personal beliefs are, makes the words go down smoother than premium rum. It is no coincidence there's a green ninja on the cover.

55:56 min
Electronic / Trip-Hop / 90.59 MB
Quality: 214 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

01. Sound The Alarm
02. Mandala
03. Radio Retaliation
04. Vampires
05. Hare Krsna
06. El Pueblo Unido
07. The Forgotten People
08. 33 Degree
09. Beautiful Drug
10. La Femme Parallel
11. Retaliation Suite
12. The Numbers Game
13. The Shining Path
14. Blasting Through The City
15. Sweet Tides

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